WATCH: Birth With Sanctuary

'Birth with Sanctuary' is a film that has been made with the women who sustain the Maternity Stream of Sanctuary. The Maternity Stream of the City of Sanctuary was started in 2011 by a group of asylum seeking and refugee women who volunteered as Health Befrienders for the Refugee Council in Leeds. They "didn't want other mums to suffer as we had suffered". They teamed up with other people committed to working with asylum seeking and refugee women to form the Maternity Stream of Sanctuary. They are a national and rapidly expending network of people and groups including asylum seeking and refugee service users, representatives from refugee organisations and other charities, midwives and students, commissioners, educators and researchers.

White Ribbon Alliance UK has worked with City of Sanctuary to produce this film about their work with women across the country. Find out more about the Maternity Stream and City of Sanctuary's work now.