Spaces of Sanctuary

Spaces of Sanctuary

White Ribbon Alliance in conjunction with Refugee Council, Maternity Stream, City of Sanctuary, British Red Cross and Creative and Cultural presents SPACES OF SANCTUARY: 18th November—26th November 2017, Hull International Photography Festival, Creative and Cultural Space 1, Princes Quay Shopping Centre

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Act Now on the Immigration Bill: Tweet Your MP

Some concessions have now been won under the Immigration Bill including the recent news that the UK will now accept unaccompanied refugee children from within Europe.  The last two House of Lords amendments on detention returns to the Commons on Monday 9th May.

Please tweet your MP or phone their office asking for their support on the detention amendments 84 and 85: 28 day judicial oversight and a 72 hour time limit on the detention of pregnant women. These are of vital importance in the light of other aspects of the Immigration Bill which is likely to increase detention. 

You can find your MP’s contact details here.  For further information see City of Sanctuary's article. Please share this action widely!